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Cathy Stacey

Phone 0425 702 055
Mobile Number 0425 702 655

Torquay, VIC

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Cathy Stacey

Calnan Flack
Chapter: BNI Business Edge

Financial, Financial Planner - Wealth creation

My BusinessStudying, researching and analysing economic cycles has been my focus after I saw the devastating effects of the GFC on members of my family who had invested at the top of the cycle and suffered major financial losses through no fault of their own. It’s been my cause to learn about the boom/bust economic cycles, be abreast of where we are in each phase of the cycle, educate others and help them invest wisely in line with cycle movements. What I want to help investors understand is that economic cyclical movements are scientific and repeatable and this knowledge can empower them with their investing. Business and investment strategy along with economic cycle education are my major focus and what gives me purpose every day.

Ideal ReferralAny person wanting to invest in either property or the share market to create a financial gain (especially if they are borrowing money to create that gain)

Top ProductInvestment Strategies

Top Problem SolvedKnowing when to exit and enter markets of property and the share market for the protection of capital gained and to create the best gains.

My Favorite BNI StoryIt's been great meeting other business owners.

My Ideal Referral PartnerCorporations.