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Nathan Bridger

Phone 0484 824 298

Dr. Nathan Bridger
Geelong Chiropractic
1/367 Ryrie St

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Nathan Bridger

Geelong Chiropractic
Chapter: BNI Network Connections (Geelong)

Healthcare, Chiropractor

My BusinessMy name is Dr. Nathan Bridger and I’m Sports and Family Chiropractor, a speaker, a health educator and beard enthusiast. I have spoken to people over the world and regularly speak around Australia to people wanting to get healthier and to other health practitioners wanting to improve the health of their patients. I am extremely passionate about what I do and I truly love helping people perform better in all areas of their lives. In the office, I focus on what is called the 3 P’s. PAIN, POSTURE AND PERFORMANCE. When the majority of people come to see me initially they are looking for help with some kind of pain and believe me I get it I would want to get rid of my pain too. The problem is that in almost all cases by the time you feel the pain, the body has probably been compensating and losing performance and function for a number of months and in a lot of cases years. So what I do if provide a holistic approach to get you feeling, moving and performing at your peak!